Is Your Buddy Licensed?

🐾 Save by purchasing RDNO dog licenses prior to January 1st.

2019 RDNO Licenses:

BEFORE January 1st, 2019: Altered Dog $20, Unaltered Dog $55.

AFTER December 31, 2018: Altered Dog $35, Unaltered Dog $75.

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Get your Dog License before January 1 to Save!

2019 Dog Licenses are now available!

Save by purchasing your Dog License before January 1, 2019:
Before January 1, 2019: Altered Dog $20  |  Unaltered Dog $55
After January 1, 2019:  Altered Dog $35  |  Unaltered Dog $75

Dog Licensing applies to any resident keeping a dog within the City of Vernon, District of Coldstream, Village of Lumby or Electoral Areas “B”, “C” and the portion of Electoral Area “D” within the Lumby & District Fire Protection Area.

Dog Licenses are available for purchase at the following locations:

Municipal/Government Offices
District of Coldstream
City of Vernon
Village of Lumby
Central Animal Hospital
Creekside Animal Clinic
Crescent Falls Vet Hospital
Sunridge Vet Clinic
Vernon Veterinary Clinic
White Valley Vet Clinic
Fun 4 All Pet Resort

AJ’s Pets & Things
Healthy Spot
Paws Street Market
Pet Planet
Rusty Spur Tack & Feed
Total Pet

BC SPCA Vernon & District Branch
Dog Control
K9 Control Services

Please keep holiday closures in mind and purchase your dog licence ahead of the deadline! Licenses can also be purchased online at

For more information, contact K9 Control Services at 250.545.8070 or the RDNO at 250.550.3700.

2019 Licenses

Coming soon!

Be sure to purchase your 2019 RDNO Dog License prior to January 1st, 2019 to SAVE!

Licenses are valid for the calendar year and are effective from January 1 to December 31.

Discount license fees apply to dog licenses purchased prior to January 1st.

Buy BEFORE January 1 and SAVE!

Before January 1, 2019:
Altered Dog: $20
Unaltered Dog: $55

After December 31, 2018:
Altered Dog: $35
Unaltered Dog: $75

An Unaltered dog is a dog that has not been spayed or neutered.

What is Dog Control Bylaw Enforcement?

K-9 Control is contracted by the Regional District of North Okanagan to provide dog control services, including dog licensing, investigation of dogs barking excessively and dog attacks, rescue of dogs at large, reuniting dogs with owners, adoptions of dogs, and response to dog complaints.

K9 Control Bylaw Enforcement Officers are appointed by the Regional Board to enforce dog control bylaws in the following North Okanagan communities:

  • City of Vernon
  • District of Coldstream
  • Village of Lumby
  • Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) Electoral Areas B and C
  • Part of RDNO Electoral Area D in the Lumby & District Fire Protection Area
  • Township of Spallumcheen


“Bella” is still the Top Dog Name in the North Okanagan

Bella” remains the most popular name among licensed dogs in the North Okanagan.

According to the Regional District of North Okanagan’s 2017 annual animal control report, the 10 most popular names for licensed dogs in the North Okanagan are, in order:


‘Cooper’ and ‘Daisy’ replace previous #9 Top Dog Name ‘Lucy’ and #10 ‘Sophie’.

The five most common dog species licensed in the North Okanagan in 2017 were, in order, Labrador Retriever, Shih Tzu, Shepherd, Poodle and Terrier.

Trial period for dogs on-leash in Polson Park

Dogs will be allowed in Polson Park on-leash starting this week as part of a two year pilot running until Fall 2019. The City of Vernon will be installing five bag dispensers and new signage this week. In the spring, the drinking fountain by the pavilion will be upgraded to include a pedestal that both people and pets can use.

Starting in late November, residents will be able to provide their comments related to the trial at Engage Vernon ( Over the next two years, the City will monitor the comments and will use that feedback to determine the future of the program at the end of the trial in 2019. We encourage you to provide your feedback.

The City of Vernon would like to encourage dog owners to use the new bag dispensers installed throughout the park to clean up after their dog. Used bags should go into one of the eighteen garbage cans throughout the park. The garbage collection for this park is twice a week in the winter months and daily in the summer months.

Please remember to clean up after your dog!

Dog attacks increasing

According to the Regional District of North Okanagan, in the first six months of 2016, 12 tickets were issued for dog attacks on humans and 12 tickets for dog attacks on other animals.

In 2015, 19 cases of people bitten or attacked by dogs were reported, while there were 35 reports of dog bites or attacks on other animals.

These incidents appear to be higher in frequency than in previous years.

“We are seeing more attacks. They are more frequent and more dangerous,” Pat Ellis of K-9 Control said. “More people are getting big protection-type dogs in general.”

Recent incidents:

  • A Bullmastiff attack on an elderly man in Vernon on Sept. 4 that left him with a shattered hip,
  • A Husky attack at Mutrie Road Dog Park at the end of September that left a small Shih Tzu dead, and
  • a June attack by a pit bull in Fintry that sent a man to hospital with serious injuries.

Prospective pet owners are reminded to research the dog that they want so they know its traits and how much exercise it needs.

2017 RDNO dog licenses will be out for sale on Oct. 15 – save by renewing or purchasing a new licence prior to January 1st.  You may now also purchase dog licences online.

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