Tips for Dog Owners

Why Do Dogs Bark?
Check out Why Do Dogs Bark for tips to prevent problem barking.

Tips for Senior Dogs
Do you have an older dog?  Check out these tips for Senior Dogs.

Keep Your Dogs Licensed AT ALL TIMES.
Keep your dog(s) licensed, and ensure your dog(s) are wearing current dog license tags. Make sure we have your current address on file – update us if you’re moving to a new address.

When on Holidays or Travelling with your Dog(s) Away from Home:
Keep an ID on your dog(s) that contains a current number where we can reach you, such as a cell phone number or your travel contact number.  Remember that if your dog is lost while you’re on holidays, we will not be able to reach you at your home number.

Smartphone & Tablet Dog Apps:
A number of dog-related Apps can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.  There are apps that identify dog breeds and characteristics, apps to keep track of vaccinations or medications, apps to assist you with dog training, etc.