TNRD Dangerous Dog Control Service

Click to download PDF map of areas where the TNRD Dangerous Dog Control Bylaw is enforced.

K9-Control provides enforcement of the Dangerous Dog Control Service in Electoral Areas “I’, “J”, “M”, “N”, “O” and “P” in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District.

In case of emergency, contact the RCMP.

Phone 1-877-379-2821 to report any instances of dangerous dogs in your area.

Reporting an incident by phone?  Please download this checklist before you call. Or, fill in the form below.

TNRD - Report a Dangerous Dog
  •   Is the owner aware?
      Is the dog confined?
  •   Medical (Doctor's) Report
      Police Report
      Witness Report
      Photo of Injury
  •   Medical (Vet) Report
      Witness Report
      Photo of Injury