Dog-Permitted Parks in Greater Vernon

Responsible dog owners earn the respect of all park users.

Mixed-Use Parks & Trails:
In mixed-use parks that permit dogs, such as Polson Park, and on dog-permitted trails, such as marked sections of the Grey Canal Trail, dog owners are asked to keep their dogs on-leash.

“It is about ensuring the safety of all users, while balancing the recreational needs of the community.”

The Regional District of North Okanagan reminds you to keep dogs On Leash on the Okanagan Rail Trail:

“Responsible dog owners must make sure their pets are properly leashed, well behaved, trained and do not pose a threat to RDNO trail users or other animals.”

Dog-Permitted Parks in Greater VernonOff-Leash Parks:
Residents and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of local off-leash dog parks. Find signs, bag dispensers and receptacles at each dog park.

When entering an off-leash park, please keep your dog leashed until you are inside the park – the parking lot is not a dog-permitted park.

Please enjoy your visit to a dog-permitted park:

  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Keep dogs under control at all times.
  • Pick up after your dogs immediately, and dispose of waste properly.
  • Please keep dogs leashed when entering an off-leash park – the parking lot is not a dog-permitted park.

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