When tomorrow starts without me dog

Tomorrow will start without you if you are not alive.Give a reason why tomorrow will start without you if you are not alive.What can you do to make tomorrow better to all your loved ones?

What is the Rainbow Bridge poem for dogs?

The Rainbow Bridge is a special place where your dog can run, play and socialize with other dogs and puppies in a safe environment. It is also a place where your dog will be surrounded by love and comfort as he or she transitions from this life to the next. This place is called the Rainbow Bridge because of the comforting colors that greet your dog when he or she crosses over.The Rainbow Bridge poem for dogs is:Life is like a train, a train that’s rushing by,You’ve got to run if you want to catch it,Catch it before it fades into the night.Life is like a bridge and you must cross it,Praying that you’re strong enough to last.Life is like a journey just beginning,A new adventure through the heartache.

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me (read by Tom O’Bedlam)

when tomorrow starts without me