Dog sneezes when excited

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Do dogs reverse sneeze when they are excited?

No, it’s just a myth that dogs reverse sneeze. This is an old wives’ tale that has been circulating since at least the early 1900s. Although sneezing is a common response to emotional excitation or painful stimuli, sneezing in dogs is not contagious and does not result in a reverse sneeze.There are several possible explanations for this myth. One explanation suggests that a reverse sneeze is actually a type of illusion in which a dog’s noseals and eyes appear to run backward due to the contraction of the muscles behind the eyes. Others claim that reverse sneezes are the result of dry, irritated sinuses, similar to how water runs down your nose when you get a cold.Whatever the case may be, this myth is just an old wives’ tale; there’s no scientific evidence to support it. It’s also important to remember that although we’re often scared of strange-sounding things like reverse sneeze and tail wagging, these are completely normal and healthy behaviors for canines!

Why Do Dogs Sneeze When Excited or Playing?