How long can a dog hold his pee

Depending on the dog and the circumstances, a dog can hold his pee for a shorter or longer period of time than other dogs.A dog with good bladder control can pee and hold it for a few hours without having to go outside.A dog with poor bladder control can have an accident in just a few minutes and hold it for multiple hours.It is also important to take into account that each dog’s body is different, so what’s comfortable for one might not be comfortable for another.For example, it might not be something that’s comfortable for your dog for her to squat to do her business but instead lift one leg and ease it down. She might also have to squat quite low and your table might not be the most ideal spot for that. So take all these things into consideration before setting a duration for your dog’s pee.

How Long Can dogs hold their pee and poop?

It all depends on the dog and the situation. I have had one of my dogs go 4 days without needing to go #2

What happens if dogs hold their pee too long?

If dogs hold their pee too long, it can lead to some very unpleasant problems. For one thing, the urine may start to smell bad. And if the urine builds up in the dog’s bladder, it can become painful to urinate. In addition to these problems, holding dog pee for too long also causes bacteria in the pee to grow and multiply, which can lead to an infection.Because of all these things, holding your dog’s pee isn’t a good idea. It’s actually very important that you have your dog go outside as soon as possible when he has to urinate. If you don’t do this, you will likely have a problem on your hands in the form of an infection or bladder stones.There are a few simple steps that you can take to prevent these problems. One is to make sure that your dog has access to a bathroom outside whenever he needs to go. If this isn’t possible due to your dog’s confinement schedule at home or other reasons, try putting some Rescue Remedy in his water bowl every day.Another thing that you can do is give your dog a treat when he goes potty outside. This will teach him that it’s important for him to go out there and use the bathroom. And finally, make sure that he drinks lots of water before and after he uses the bathroom so that he doesn’t become dehydrated.

How Long Can your Dog SAFELY Hold Their Pee