How much does a portuguese water dog cost

The average cost of a portuguese water dog is around $2,000 USD. This price will vary greatly depending on the length of the puppy’s hair, the puppy’s health and breed, as well as where the puppy is acquired.Portuguese water dogs are one of the most expensive dog breeds available today. This is due to the large demand for this breed and their relatively high health and breeding standards. Be sure to acquire a puppy from a reputable breeder who can provide you with documentation on the parents of your puppy.

How long do Portuguese water dogs live for?

The Portuguese Water dog is one of the oldest breeds of dog. They have extremely long lives for a dog. The average life span of a purebred is 7-10 years, while the life span of a Portuguese Water Dog is more than 20 years, with some dogs living as long as 25 years.The Portuguese Water Dog is an extremely loyal, energetic and intelligent breed that thrives on activity. They are very easy to train, but sometimes walk-on toes may cause them to be aggressive with other dogs.

Full Grown Portuguese Water Dog: What to Expect as Weight …