How much is a dog in canada

It all depends on the dog and the area in which you reside. For example, a small dog might cost about $500, while a large dog might cost around $900. Additionally, the type of dog you select will impact the price as well. For example, a purebred may cost more than a mixed breed.

How expensive are dogs in Canada?

It depends on the type, size and age of the dog. The following are average costs for 2017.

How can I buy a dog in Canada?

There are a few things you will need to know before buying a dog in Canada:1. Dog sterilization requirements: Some provinces require dogs to be sterilized and have vaccinations before they can enter the country. Check with the Canadian customs office to find out what requirements are in place for your specific pet.2. Health certificates: Each dog you buy must come with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian that confirms the dog is healthy and free from parasites. The certificate needs to be from within 24 hours of the dog’s arrival in Canada. You will also need a health certificate for yourself if you’re adopting an animal from another country.3. Quarantine: Some provinces have quarantine regulations for dogs that can only enter and leave the province through designated checkpoints. Before you buy your dog, make sure it is allowed into the province where you plan on living.

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