How much is an x ray for a dog

According to Petmd, the cost is $65 for an x-ray of a dog’s teeth.

What can an X-ray show on a dog?

X-rays are a painless way to check the health of your dog. They can show you the bones, teeth, and internal organs, as well as the soft tissue around them.The most common thing that an x-ray can show is bone health. Bones are made up of a complex framework of tissue known as bone remodeling (or osteodyma). X-rays can show if there are any fractures in the bone or if any of the bones are misshapen in volume or shape. They can identify what is causing the pain or discomfort, such as a bad tooth or infection in the mouth.X-rays can also help spot tumors and growths such as tumors of the heart, spleen, and lymph nodes. They can show injuries such as a broken limb or joint, punctures or wounds, and stretched ligaments and tendons. X-rays can even show internal structures such as blocked toiletsthe only way to get to those is through an x-ray!

X-ray Dog – Here Comes The King