How to clean dog paws after walk

Well, this is not an easy question to answer. Taking care of your dogs paws is important both for his health and for your own comfort. If you dont clean his paws properly, they can become infected and painful. However, dogs dont really like the feeling of wet feet, so the best way to clean their paws is to dry them with a towel or a pet dryer. In addition, if possible, avoid walking on hard surfaces like pavement and grass that can damage the pads. Instead, use natural materials like sand or dirt that feel more comfortable to your dog.

How do I keep my dog clean after walking?

Find a good place to walk your pup. Avoid busy areas like train stations or malls. Keep your dog on a leash so that you can take control of the situation if need be. Never grab your pup by its collar! Never drag or pull your dog along. Always calmly lead your dog on a loose leash.Always make sure that your dog has enough food and water before you go walking. If it’s hot, bring a water bottle for your dog. Make sure that your dog has its vaccinations up to date, and that its ear and flea tags are still in place.Your dog must be washed twice before you go outside: once before you leave the house, and again once you’re out on the walk. Wash your hands first with hand sanitizer or soap and water, so that you don’t spread germs to your dog. Use a gentle soap like Petrodex Squeaky Dog Wash Bath Foam (unscented) as it is designed for pet use only. Do not use human soap as it can be harmful to dogs’ eyes and skin. After bath, dry well with a towel or t-shirt!If there are no public parks or other well-used places where you can walk your pup, try preparing a walking area in the backyard. Put down some fresh sand or dirt for your dog to play in. Make sure there’s plenty of shade and fresh drinking water available too. Sometimes this is all that is needed to keep your pup clean when on a walk!

How to CLEAN your DOG’S PAWS after a WALK

How To Clean Dog Paws After A Walk