How to stop a dog from chasing cars

If your dog is chasing cars, he may be upset by something in the car that doesn’t belong to him. Try staying a distance away from the car to give your dog some space. If he stops, that’s a good start. If he doesn’t, try distracting him with a toy or stick.If your dog gets too close to the car, put yourself between him and the car as a barrier. Praise and reward your dog when he stops or turns away from the car. Slowly move toward the car when your dog follows you. Give your dog some space and praise him again when he turns away from the car. Do this for several days, then move closer to the car when needed. When your dog is comfortable with this, reward him with a treat and lots of praise when he turns away from the car.

How do I get my dog to stop chasing cars on walks?

There are a few things you can do to get your dog to stop chasing cars on walks.1. Try to keep your dog’s nose away from cars by keeping him on a short leash or by teaching him not to beg for treats near cars.2. Start training your dog not to chase cars. This can be done by rewarding him for sitting or looking at you, or by teaching him the command ‘leave it’.3. If your dog is still chasing cars when you are out walking, try taking a different route so that he doesn’t have as many opportunities to chase cars.4. If training isn’t working, consider using a shock collar or citronella spray in situations where your dog is chasing cars. This will help teach him not to chase them and will also deter other dogs from doing the same.

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