How to stop a dog from nipping when excited

Dogs are fast learners and can learn new behaviors quickly if they are given enough attention and rewards. If you catch your dog nipping on people when excited, distract him with a toy or favorite food. Soon he will associate the sensation of nipping with the distraction. When he is nipping, try to redirect his attention to something else by talking or using a toy. If the puppy is biting, then muzzling or using a prong collar is the only option.

Why does my dog Nip me when excited?

Your dog’s nipping may be a way to tear off your clothes and make a playmate feel welcome. It’s also an invitation to play. If the nipping is painful, try to redirect the attention by saying ‘No’ or ‘Off.’You can also separate the two of them. Put something between them. Do whatever is necessary to stop the nipping. Then invite your pup over so they can get acquainted. Eventually, your dog should stop nipping and be playful instead.

How do I stop my puppy biting when excited?

It is natural for your puppy to be excited, but biting is not okay. When your puppy is excited, it may bite you or another person if it does not get enough attention. You can teach it how to play with toys or with other dogs or people in a safe manner. You can stop the behavior by distracting your puppy or rewarding good behavior. You can also teach your pup what is acceptable to chew on and what is not.

How to stop dog from nipping when excited