How to stop dog chasing cars

Many dog owners ask this question. In fact, its a common query and there are multiple ways to stop dog chasing cars.Firstly, you must make sure you have a safe environment for both your dog and your car. If possible, give your dog a separate area in the house or yard where he or she can go to avoid the car when running outside.Secondly, you should try to increase your dogs training on distractions. This means teaching him or her how to walk on a leash and stay in one place when approached by a person or a dog. This will also help decrease your dogs roaming territory, which can increase his or her fear of cars.Finally, keep an eye on your dog during any walks or runs. Be careful not to let him or her get too close to the vehicle, since this can cause problems. If necessary, distract your dog using treats until he or she learns to stay away from the car.

Will my dog ever stop chasing cars?

Most dogs are naturally possessive animals that love to be on the ‘inside’ and fearful of being on the ‘outside’ to them, a car is a very desirable thing.However, if the dog has not been trained to understand that the vehicle is not yours, but has its own mind, it can cause you a lot of trouble. That is why it is so important to socialize your dog with other dogs and people from an early age. If you do that, then it will understand that the car belongs to you and not them.But if you would like it to get away from your car entirely, then try these tips:1) Put a baby gate or baby gate enclosure in front of your car door when parked at the house or garage. This will prevent your dog from going near the car and will allow you to close the door safely while you are inside.2) If possible, have a friend drive past or by your house with their vehicle at a safe distance so that your dog does not feel threatened by any sound or sight. That will encourage him to get away from the car and into another territory.

Train your Dog to STOP CHASING & LUNGING at CARS

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