How to stop dog from jumping on counter

There are several ways to stop a dog from jumping on the counter, and each dog is different so some will work and some won’t.First, be sure that the counter is appropriate for your dog and his size. If it is small enough for him to fit on or over then that would be great! If it is not, then you may need to take it off the counter.Second, be clear with your dog that jumping on the counter is not allowed. Call him back and remove him from the situation if he continues.Third, remove toys or anything that he can chew or play with on the counter if he continues to jump on it.Fourth, use a treat dispenser toy or a training treat dispenser if available. These help teach your dog how to get what he wants by sitting or waiting instead of jumping on the counter!

Why does my dog keep jumping on the counters?

Because they’re fun!Yes, it is fun to watch your dog jump on the counter. For one thing, it is amusing to watch the dog make a fool of himself. Second, it is like a game for your dog to jump on the counter and get the treat you won’t give him. Third, it helps build up the dog’s confidence. All in all, it is a very entertaining and beneficial activity for both you and your dog. If you don’t want it to stop, then find something else to hide in so that your dog has something else to focus on instead of jumping on the counters.

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