How to stop dog scratching door

Scratching is a way for dogs to keep their nails short and healthy. It can also cause damage to the door or walls. There are a few ways you can stop your dog from scratching the door:1. Put up with marks on doors and walls. This will teach your dog that it’s not worth the damage to mark places you don’t want marked.2. Pads or spray on doors or walls can be used to stop scratches. You can also cover scratches or apply different color scratches so they blend in with the rest of the door.3. To stop small scratches, use nail polish remover on small areas only. This will prevent your dog from developing large scars that are more difficult to remove when it’s time for a grooming session.4. Keep your pet contained when it’s destructive so it doesn’t have opportunities to annoy you and your door. If there are places outside where you can’t control your pet, then put up with marks in those places instead of on the doors.

My DOG Keeps SCRATCHING the DOOR (Why & What to Do)

How To Stop Dog From Scratching The Door