How to teach a dog to high five

Hi! I’m not sure if this is the answer you were looking for but I have 2 high fives so I thought I’d share. : )First high five:1.The first high five starts with your dog below you, sitting or laying down with their paws on your leg.2.You put your hand up to high five and they grab your hand with both paws and put their head down on the ground.3.You push off their paw and grab theirs and then shake hands! It’s fun, happy, and playful. It’s a great way to start because they are grabbing both hands but it looks like one hand is really grabbing theirs (ie they don’t feel one part of the whole). This is also a great way to start teaching them to sit!Second high five:1.A few days later it’s time for the second high five! This one starts off the same as the first, but instead of having your hand up you bend forward and have both hands on the ground in front of their face with your elbows out wide. You then push off their paws and lift your head up so that you are level with their face before shaking hands again. This time when you shake hands with them they go under you so that they are on all fours and look up at you before running back to you so that you can give them a treat or play again.

How do I teach my dog to double high five?

Double high five is a hand gesture in which two people extend their arms upwards and touch their fingers together, making a shape similar to that of a lightning bolt. This is meant to symbolize the bond between two people who are close friends. One should start by teaching the dog to high five with their own hand, then progress to teaching them to double high five with another person. It may take some time for the dog to understand, but with consistent training and patience, you will be able to see your dogs double high five skills improve!

Dog Tricks: Teaching the Dog High Five – Chewy