How to teach dog to play dead

This is an exercise that will help dog and human bond.1. To teach dog to play dead, have the dog lie on its side on the floor. If you can, place something in the dog’s mouth to take away the instinct to move. Then place your hand over the dog’s mouth and nose so that it is unable to breathe or see. Eventually, the dog will relax and go into a resting state where it is motionless yet alert. Use this positive reinforcement method to condition your dog to play dead.

What is the easiest trick to teach your dog?

Stop reading and train your dog nowTrick: If you know that dogs cant read, then teach your dog to read by holding your book in front of her, and she must guess the picture on the front to get the treat on the back. This is an incredibly easy and funny game to play with your dog!

Teach Your Dog How to Play Dead – AKC Trick Dog

How To Teach Your Dog To “Play Dead”