How to teach dog to put toys away

Dont teach your dog to put toys awaythey will learn on their own. Instead, provide a place for toys in the living or family area that is out of sight, and encourage your dog to use the toy there. When he does, praise him and offer another one. Eventually he will recognize that it is okay to use the toy in the privacy of his own room.Also try hiding the toys, or providing a puzzle toy that requires him to hunt for the toy. This will train him to employ resourcefulness in order to get what he wants.

How do I teach my dog to not rip up toys?

Try rewarding the dog for not ripping up its toys. Use your own toys for training, and only allow your dog to play with the toy when you are there to supervise. Keep the toy in one place, and put it away if your dog starts to tear it up. Eventually, you may want to move the toy from one room to another. When this happens, teach your dog how to get the toy without tearing it up. When your dog does not play with the toy anymore, either put it away or give it to someone who can use it better than your dog can. Finally, teach your dog not to play with its toys by putting them away or throwing them away.

How to Teach a Dog to Put Away His Toys – Dog Tricks

My Pet: Teach your dog to put it’s toys away