How to teach dog to roll over

Asking your dog to roll over is a great way to help build their fitness and tone their muscles. By encouraging them to roll, you are facilitating their movement and giving them an outlet for their energy. Additionally, by rolling, your dog is able to utilize a more natural hunting movement as they are able to move through the ground. This will also help with muscle memory since they will be actively involved in an activity that takes place in the wild.There are a number of ways you can teach your dog to roll over: ~Teach them what you want them to do first. For example, if you want them to lie down, teach them to lie down first. Then once they know what you want them to do, ask for a roll over. If they fail then ask for the opposite behavior again. You can also use food rewards or toys as bribes if necessary.~Use treats or toys that are only available when they are rolling over. This will reinforce the behavior and make it more desirable for them.~Always reward your dog when they succeed at rolling over. This creates a positive association between the two behaviors and will help with future attempts at this task.

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How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over