How to teach dog to spin

Teach your dog to spin by following these simple steps:1. Start off by placing a small amount of kibble in front of your dog and then slowly moving it out of their sight.2. Once your dog has scented the kibble, encourage them to run after it by offering a treat and then quickly pulling it away.3. Continue this process until your dog is chasing the kibble and then popping it out of sight.4. Once your dog has mastered this, increase the speed at which you stop the kibble from disappearing and begin adding turns, jukes, and dodges to the chase sequence.

How do I teach my dog to round?

The first thing to remember is that dogs are naturally curious creatures, and round training should be done in a safe and comfortable environment.Begin by placing food in one corner of your living room. Have your dog sit beside you at all times, and periodically offer your dog a treat from the corner. Gradually increase the distance between the two, so your dog needs to take longer to get the food.When your dog successfully rounds the food, mark it by giving your dog a treat. Once your dog easily rounds the food, mark it again once he returns to you. When he has learned that this is how you want him to retrieve food, start moving it around. Place a treat at one end of the room, and have your dog round towards you to get it. When he does so, mark it and give him a treat. Gradually move the food towards the other end of the room while constantly marking it with treats along the way. When he can easily reach the food from either side, start moving it in circles around you both. Keep targeting his eyes as he rounds, calling his name and giving him praise when he does so correctly. Eventually, he will be able to round out of any situation in any room with ease.

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