What breed is clifford the big red dog

A Clifford is a type of dog with a square, wrinkly face and large, bulging eyes. They are often orange, gray, or black in color with a white nose and mouth. Clifford’s have long bodies that are slightly bowed at the back. They have small ears that point forward. Clifford’s were developed as therapy dogs to help people with PTSD.Clifford’s are generally easy to train and good watchdogs. They are highly loyal to their families, but can be aggressive with strangers. Clifford’s need a lot of attention, so they are not good for apartment living. Clifford’s are low-shedding dogs that do not require much grooming. Clifford’s often live 15 to 20 years with regular health care and exercise.

Is Clifford a Labrador?

Clifford is not actually a Labrador as he is a cross between a Labrador and a Golden Retriever. They are both very energetic breeds and perfect for those who are looking for that extra dog energy.

Clifford the Big Red Dog – BE BIG!