What breed of dog is snoopy

A snoopy is a small, highly intelligent and curious breed of dog. They are the perfect oddball dog because they are always up to something and will find the most unusual things. A snoopy is best in an active home as they need lots of exercise and stimulation. They are extremely lively and love to play, even if its with their own shadow! A snoopy can be a little neurotic, so needs to be properly socialised from a young age. They are affectionate and loyal dogs who love their owner unconditionally. With training and socialisation, these dogs can make fantastic therapy dogs. A snoopy is happiest in a home that is active, loving and patient.

Is Snoopy a Beagle or a bull terrier?

Snoopy is a fictional character from the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.Snoopy is a beagle and most likely a male, as he was referred to as he or him throughout the strip. Snoopy is one of the main characters in the comic, and Schulz even said that he was his favourite character (they ‘were’ married in real life). He has a unique personality: optimistic, confident in his abilities, and kind at heart. Throughout the comic strip, he is known to display his skills in flying planes and riding race horses, which are owned by Charlie Brown.Snoopy is based off of Charles M. Schulzs son, who had Beagles as pets at the time. Charles Schulz used this connection to write Snoopy into each strip. The beagle breed is more common than the bull terrier breed in Europe, so we can assume that this was deliberate on Schulzs part; making Snoopy resemble a Beagle enables him to more appropriately fit his personality into the storyline of Peanuts (and also because of how comical it would be for a bull terrier to be in Europe). Beagles are also commonly known for their intelligence and reliability; these characteristics fit Snoopy perfectly.

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