What breed of dog was benji

Benji was a Dalmatian cat.Dalmatians are a dog breed that typically have highly distinctive spotted coat patterns, and can be recognized by their ‘ticked’ skin. Dalmatians have a very protective nature and are loyal companions to their owners.Benji belonged to actor Michael Landon, who owned benji from 1980 until his death in 1995. Benji did not feature in any of Michael’s television series or movies, but was a regular at Michael’s mansion in Malibu, California where he often slept on Michael’s pillow. Benjii also had his own cat flap entry to the house.

What happened to the dog Benji?

Benji was adopted by a family from country United States in August 2016.Benji was found abandoned by the side of the road in Malmo, Sweden. He had been outfitted with a collar and leash and the owners had left him there. They weren’t able to adopt him due to their country circumstances so they left him in safe hands. They assured Benji that he would be with loving people and have a home soon.A few months later Benji’s new owners brought home 2 large dogs as well as another small dog. The small dog wasn’t very receptive of Benji, so he was left outside most of the time. Benji was given a dog bed and plenty of food, but he rarely got to play or interact with any human being.One night Benji managed to escape the backyard and find his way onto the streets where people were walking dogs. A woman who was out walking her dog heard Benji’s howl for help and rushed him to a clinic for treatment. The owner had been instructed not to let her small dog near Benji ever again, but naturally she couldn’t resist and brought her along anyway! The two eventually parted on good terms with the small dog sharing some extra playtime with Benji’s new friends in the park that night!Benji remained with his new family for an entire year before they felt it was safe enough to send him back over to Sweden alone through international mail. The family called Germany where they’re from from a pay phone that evening just before sending him off; they’ll be waiting for their package when it arrives at their doorstep!

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