What dog breed is benji

A dog named Benji is a Bichon FriseWhy: Because Bichon Frise looks very much like the American Indian tribe, the Delaware Indians. The name, Delaware meaning ‘people of the deer’. The Delawares were skilled swimmers and fishermen who lived along the Delaware River in present-day SE Pennsylvania, W New Jersey and SE Maryland. The tribe was both feast and famine, with plenty from the land and plenty from the sea, who depended on both to survive. They were skilled in swimming and could dive down without harm to catch fish or edible clamshells. The tribe was peaceful, hospitable to others, who would eventually join them. They lived in earth lodges and hunted with bows and arrows. The tribe was indeed a, seemingly perfect democracy. The dog breed is Bichon Frise because it has a short curly hair that resemble like a Delaware tribes’ hairstylesSources: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/36157800702828942/

What breed is Benji Adriene?

Benji Adriene is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Belgian Malinois. Hes a two-year-old dog with short fur and brown eyes.Benji loves going for walks and being active. He even looks forward to his daily run around the neighborhood.On his walks, he loves digging and chewing on things, so its important to keep him in exercise.Since both bloodhounds and malinois are known for their great hunting abilities, Benji is sure to be an excellent hunting dog in the future!

What breed of dog is Benji?