What kind of dog does jenna marbles have

Jenna marbles has a tiny little morkie named harry. shes also engaged to an adachi. jenna marbleswhat kind of dog does jenna marbles have? nothing, harry’s the dog, was going to go for a dog but a cat jumped on the counter and we kept him. he’s on the counter, can’t really walk far from here and we keep him in our room, he’s like Jenna but better and i’m ok with that.ok so give harry puppy kissesMarbles

What type of breed is Kermit the dog?

The limited edition Yorkshire Terrier depicted in The Muppets is named Kermit the dog, after muppet creator Jim Henson’s childhood dog. The dog took a hiatus from being named Kermit the dog in 1999, since the original Kermit died that year. His replacement Kermit had an even shorter lifespan (1999-2000), and was replaced by a female Yorkshire Terrier named Slimer (born in 2000). The third generation of Kermit’s lineage has yet to be named.

What does Jenna Marbles call her dogs?

I don’t actually know what she calls her dogs but I do know what she calls her boyfriend: SamSam, you’re such a dumbassJenna, you’re such a dumbass

How many dogs does Jenna have?

Jenna has two dogs. The first dog is named Lucy. Lucy is a lab-pit mix, and she was rescued from a puppy mill. Lucy loves to run around and play with other dogs. She also loves to cuddle on the couch. The second dog is named Sprinkles. Sprinkles is a yellow lab-pit mix, who was also rescued from a puppy mill. Sprinkles loves to play with other dogs and chase after balls. He also loves to cuddle on the couch. Jenna says that her dogs bring her so much happiness that she would never want to be without them.

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