What kind of dog is clifford

Clifford is a type of Poodle. Clifford is a puppy that is bound to grow in confidence and intelligence over the next few years.They are easygoing dogs and require little exercise, but Clifford likes to feel like it is his territory. They are capable of giving the impression of being dominant and their owners have to be the boss. Clifford has a high level of intelligence, but can be stubborn at times.They are playful, loyal dogs and suitable for families who have time to play with Clifford.

Was Clifford a golden retriever?

No, Clifford was a bulldog, not a retriever.Bulldogs and goldens are both members of the dog family Canidae. Both are highly intelligent and sensitive dogs that are quick to learn but can be strong willed. Bulldogs have a distinguished jaw and a wrinkled face with droopy fore-ears, while goldens have a square face with high fore-ears.Golden retrievers are one of the most common breeds of dog in the United States. The name is derived from the dog’s propensity for returning to its owner’s calling it back. Even when it is chasing an animal, it will return to its owner quickly!

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog based on a real dog?

Clifford is based on a real dog named Clifford, who originally appeared in the Bob Thompkins children’s book The Big Red Dog, which was then adapted into the TV series The Big Red Dog in the 1980s.In the story, Clifford is a big red dog who likes to play and run around, and is friendly and kind to all creatures, except for one; he has no enemies. When one boy in particular roughhouses with him, Clifford’s owner Bullock shows up. Shocked to find his dog injured and left at Wild Bill’s kennel, Bullock with great difficulty convinces Wild Bill to allow Clifford to stay at their home for some time. There he meets Mrs. Higgins and her little girl Lulu, who name him Clifford after his old home.However, his happiness turns out to be short-lived; Bullock soon realizes that Clifford has far too dangerous a temperament for children and calls Wild Bill back, who brings him back home again. However, when Bullock goes out of town on business, Mrs. Higgins brings Clifford back along with her daughter after they visited him; they end up being separated by Lulu getting lost in the city and fearful of being alone there. After that Clifford becomes homeless again until Bullock finds him again and takes him home again.But when Bullock discovers that this time he has stayed with his Aunt Tillie he cannot allow it and takes away all traces of his existence from both wife and child; to whom he had been forced to show them photos of their faithful dog they were never allowed to see or even speak about before then. In total horror from having been left behind by this woman and things she thinks up as excuses for leaving him behind so uncaringly alone for so long Mrs Higgins grabs both of their photo albums as well as young Lulu’s that she had brought along mistakenly thinking them photos of her family; which is where Clifford may still be today if what Mrs Higgins said turned out true about her dead sister Amy being buried alongside her in the same cemetery who when did have a lead role herself in her aunt’s quilt shop?

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