What kind of dog is lady

The best kind of dog to be with a lady is a doberman because they are loyal, protective, and trustworthy. A lady would be foolish to get another type of dog because they are too aggressive and not trustworthy.

Is Lady a Cocker or Cavalier?

According to the American Kennel Club, a cocker spaniel is a breed that has a square muzzle and triangular ears, as well as a tail that curls over the back and is often wagged. A cavalier is a small dog with an erect, square muzzle, erect ears and long neck; this breed is slightly larger than the cocker spaniel. The American Kennel Club describes both breeds as having a merry, lively and excitable disposition; they are dogooders who need to be with people.

What kind of dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp 2?

Lady (born Tramp) is a bulldog from Lady and the Tramp 2, who was adopted by a family and trained to be a hunting dog by Sam the cat who was jealous of her relationship with the cat that belonged to the same owner.She has white fur and red tongue with blue eyes and slightly smaller than average claws.In her relationship as hunting dog, she races against Cody’s dog, Lassie’s second cousin, named Blizzard. The result is that there were no winners so she ended up licking their faces.When Cody got into his car, she tried to lick his face too but ended up falling onto his knee.She was very good at hunting which amazes Cody, and is the winner of the race which amazes Sam the cat who can’t stand how good she became.