What kind of dog is rocky from paw patrol

Rocky from paw patrol is a cute brown dog that likes to explore and play; he also adores his owner, Rocky. Hes full of character and is always up for any adventure!His favourite food is: raw cookie dough, his favourite toy is a scent-sational bone, and his favourite place to sleep is on the couch in front of the TV.He gets angry very easily and loves playing chase so much that he’ll chase anything. He also loves playing hide-and-seek.A bit more about him:-he can jump incredibly high (up to 6 feet)-he can run at top speed (45 mph)-he has the ability to climb walls with ease, including wet ones (takes just 30 seconds)-he can swim underwater for 30 seconds.

What is rocky from PAW Patrol a mix of?

The source of Rocky’s power is a mixture of his best traits: his tenacity, courage and loyalty.He is tenacious because he refuses to give up on his mission even when it gets tough. He is courageous because he doesn’t back down from danger and still manages to save the day. And he is loyal because, even though he knows someone is trying to trick him, he keeps a secret because he trusts his partner in the mission, Chase.Pound Puppy and Checkerboard Cave were smelt.

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