Why do dog eat cat poop

the answer to this question is going to surprise you. Apparently, cats love eating dog poop as much as dogs love eating cat poop. Its a mutually beneficial relationship, really.Dog poop contains lots of protein and nutrients that are beneficial for cats. Cats love to eat dog poop because it is rich in protein and nutrients that they need to thrive.Cats also know how to protect their territory by scent marking by spraying pheromones on the territory. By eating dog poop, the cat is setting its territory on this piece of territory. The cat is also marking its food as belonging to it through its own special scat by eating the poo! It’s a nature thing!It’s important to note however that cat poop should NEVER be eaten by dogs as it can make your dog sick. It can also be dangerous for dogs to eat cat poop as they can get parasites or bacteria in their system which can be harmful to them.

How do I get my dog to quit eating cat poop?

Cats are very clean animals and they have no problem with litter boxes. This means that their feces are less aromatic than those of dogs, and this may decrease their attraction for dog feces. A good way to get your dog to stop eating cat feces is to put their feces in a place that is unreachable. Doing this may force your dog to either find another place to eat their feces, or learn to avoid cat feces.

Cat Poop and Trash are This Dog’s Favorite Food!