Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband

It really is normal for a dog to find their owner the most comfortable and relaxing place to sleep. Your dog may be feeling secure and confident in your home, so they may want to take that reassurance in the most secure place of all on top of you.Your dog may also be sleep walking. This can occur during times of extreme fatigue or stress, when a person and dog are resting together and very tired (a state called ‘deep-sleep’), or when the dog is extremely content and relaxed, such as when laying next to their owner.Whatever the reason, your dog is not threatening you in any way when they sleep next to you and are very Labrador – they are only trying to get a better nights sleep than their best friend!

Do dogs pick a favorite person?

A dog is a highly intelligent animal so they are easily able to pick a favorite person. They are also sensitive creatures who love and care for those that they care about the most. However, it is best not to get too attached to another dogs or people as they can be very possessive animals.When it comes to selecting a favorite person, the dog will most likely show interest in the one that spends time with them the most. They may nuzzle up against their favorite person, or even sleep next to them in bed. If your pup picks a favorite person, make sure that you give them plenty of attention as well.

Why do my dogs sleep with me and not my partner?

I think it is because dogs have a feeling of who the alpha dog is in their pack, and they sense that your are the alpha. As long as you are strong and confident in your pack, then your dog will feel safe and secure around you.