What kind of dog was benji

Benji was an English Mastiff who competed in Biscuit, a dog food company’s search and rescue competition and pull toy catching competition. He was named after television’s Benji, the dog that played Private – the first American Shepherd to be on TV – and was mated with a doodle named Sophie.Benji was a rescue dog and Biscuit noticed his strong work ethic and physical drive when he was competing in the Rope Raceway event where he pushed dogs out of the way, pawing at the ground to push them out of his way, turning the dog’s head to move it.The company chose him to compete in Biscuit’s Search and Rescue competition where he had to locate 10 hidden vegetables among various scents, locate 18 chickens with indelible markers on their feathers, sniff out 12 potted plants with indelible markers, locate 12 cans of Biscuit for dogs food in an open area, fetch 20 giant rubber balls from containers.After all of his competition wins he was selected as their mascot, Sputnik 2.

What dog breeds look like Benji?

A Cocker Spaniel looks like Benji because of his small size, soft coat, and inquisitive nature. Benji is a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever who cooks your meals and cleans your hampers. His owner, John Garcia, says Benji ‘got the dog gene from me,’ according to CNN. Enjoy your meal!

Benji – The Original Canine Classic – Trailer